Things To Know

If you're coming to Canada for a meeting or convention, this is the place to find all the practical resources, tools, information and tips you'll need to make your trip a memorable one. For example, find out more on:

  • Clearing customs
  • Exchanging currency
  • Reserving a rental car
  • Finding the most scenic or speedy ways to travel.

Embassies & Consulates

Canada hosts numerous embassies, consulates and high commissions that provide assistance to foreign travelers. If you need help with documentation (e.g., replacing a lost passport) or dealing with legal, medical or emergency matters, contact your country's diplomatic mission or consular office in Canada.

US Travelers to Canada - Contacting a US Consulate in Canada

American travelers can access information and services regarding passports and customs requirements by contacting a US consulate in Canada or by calling 1-800-529-4410 (toll free). To search for US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions in Canada, visit the US Department of State website.    

International Travelers to Canada - Contacting your Consulate in Canada

To search a directory of consular offices across Canada by country of origin, visit the Foreign Affairs Canada website.

For more information visit:

Diplomatic Missions in Canada

Consular Offices in Canada