Great times where the rivers meet
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Luxury resorts and wilderness lodges. Events and nightlife. Shopping, dining and galleries. Spas, sports and trails galore. Winnipeg has a story to tell at just about every street corner.

Explore market stalls, colorful shops and ethnic food at “The Forks,” a historic port where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet. Cross the footbridge to St. Boniface and step into the lively French Quarter. Tour the landmark St. Boniface Cathedral. Dine out on warm francophone hospitality along revitalized Provence Boulevard.

Plan your visit during popular summer gigs like the Winnipeg Folk Festival and The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. Laugh until your face hurts at the annual CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival. And don’t forget to enjoy some seriously fine cuisine—top Prairie fare such as fresh pickerel and bison ribs.

See an Aboriginal tipi and sweat lodge at Circle of Life Thunderbird House. Walk gardens lush with native tall grasses and wildflowers at The Forks National Historic Site. Head to Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg for kiteboarding, windsurfing, canoeing, swimming and sailing. Catch a Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL football game.

Book a lakeside cottage for a few days, just an hour outside the city. Head out to Spruce Woods Provincial Park for three days of camping, geocaching and re-connecting with nature. Take the train from Winnipeg to Churchill for a chance to encounter polar bears and beluga whales up close.