Clean Technology

Clean Technology

The natural choice for a cleaner future.

The clean technology (cleantech) industry is an emerging sector in Canada. Cleantech companies use technology to provide products or services that reduce negative environmental impacts or use fewer resources than conventional products and services.

Canada’s top cleantech company, ENBALA Power Networks, operates a smart grid platform that increases the performance and stability of the country’s electrical power grid.


The Brains

Canada is a significant player in the global cleantech market. It is home to many advanced science and technology companies, has a highly educated workforce, and has a world-class research and development platform.

The cleantech industry in Canada employs about 52,500 people and has the potential to employ 100,000 workers by 2020.


The Bottom Line

Canada’s cleantech industry is valued at $10.6 billion. It is the fourth largest market in the world for pure-play cleantech companies.

Canada is also an attractive destination for cleantech companies seeking to expand their presence in North America. Through its membership in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canada has access to more than 443 million consumers and a combined GDP of over US$15.4 trillion.

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Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Cleantech activity is well distributed throughout Canada. Ontario, BC, Quebec, and Alberta make up 88 percent of the Canadian cleantech market.

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