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Planning big events is a big job. That’s why Business Events Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency teamed up to welcome you to Canada, and let you know how easy it is to hold your meetings and conventions here. After all, we have the only free planning service – we call it Border-to-Show – for meeting planners in the world!

Have a look at the most frequently asked questions we get about planning events in Canada and see how easy it is to plan your next event in Canada.

Also: An Insider's Guide to Bringing your Convention, Meeting, Trade Show or Exhibition to Canada

This handy guide tells you everything you need to know about planning an event in Canada, starting with the Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) streamlined and efficient processes.

This guide covers a wide variety of industry topics including:

  • Registering your event with CBSA;
  • Duties and taxes;
  • Hiring a customs broker;
  • Moving your goods to the show;
  • On and Off-site clearance procedures;
  • Employment, immigration and visa requirements for speakers, exhibitors, meeting planners and delegates;
  • Visitor information; and,
  • General information for returning to the United States.

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What is the Canada Border Services Agency?

Why plan my event in Canada?

What is Border to Show?

What is a customs broker?

What do I need to know about planning my event in Canada? And what's a letter of recognition?

What is a FORO?

Do I need to pay tax and duty to host my event in Canada?

What types of events are held in Canada?